The secret to a long, happy, healthy dog life is right under their nose!



Happy Puptember!

The Dog Love . Kiss . Hug . Care . Wellness Box

Each month we include products that promote health benefits tackling issues like #1 dog health issue dental health.

The Dog Party . Fest . Fun . Days . BarkBash™ Box

Observing Dog Awareness, National, International, Holidays, Fun, and Celebration Days each month. 

Dog Smile Days Celebrated in the August Box: S'mores Day, DOGust Day, Fresh Breath Day, Spoiled Dog Day, Bacon Day, Lazy Dog Day, Dog Joke Day, and National Dog Day.


Dog Smile Box

Enrich your dog's life and give your furry companion the gift of improved wellbeing and increased intelligence by joining the #1 Dog Club for Smart, Happy, Healthy dogs.

10 out of 10 Dogs polled agree


Mind Mouth Move

Each Dog Smile Box is designed to improve Mental, Oral, and Physical Health for a healthy routine and a longer life filled with joy, fresh breath, white smiles, and more smooches from your pooches.


What's Included

+ High quality premium products to keep them physically engaged and mentally stimulated.

+ Vet recommended dental care items for fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums.

+ Exciting, new, fun toys and accessories.

+ Tips, Tricks, and Games to build confidence, improve social skills, mental focus, strength, increase active play, and enhance intellect.

+ Healthy, delicious, nutritious treats, bones, sticks, and chews.


Here's how it works

1. Join the club

... for a Smarter, Happier, Healthier Dog.

2. Choose a plan

Monthly or 3, 6, or 12 Months, and $ave.

3. Spread the power of a Dog Smile!

We help a dog in need along with our Pup-Partners.

Epic Give

Dog Smile Boxes and a portion of profits are donated to organizations committed to helping people and dogs smile more.  We partner with organizations who spread the power of a SMILE and address basic oral health care needs.  Your purchase helps support smile therapy dogs and dogs in need at rescues/shelters.



Animal assisted therapy nonprofit Pet Partners

Pet Partners


Spread the power of a dog smile by wearing a Dog Smile Emoticon T-Shirt.

Available in multiple colors in women, men, and youth sizes.

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Dog Smile T-Shirt

Dog Smile Club

Join the club with the Smartest, Happiest, Healthiest Dogs in the world.

Spread the amazing power of your dog’s smile!