Each Dog Smile Box is designed to improve Mental, Oral, and Physical Health for a healthy routine and a longer life filled with joy, fresh breath, healthy smiles, and more smooches from your pooches.



Mental Health

Animal behaviorists say that 10 minutes of mental stimulation = 45 minutes of active play.  

Dogs are natural problem solvers and they love using their senses to work through difficult challenges.  

Mental stimulation burns energy and helps create a stronger bond between you and your best furiend.


What's Included

+ Products to keep them physically engaged, mentally stimulated, and enhance intellect and curiosity while keeping their mind sharp and focused.

+ Fun, stimulation, enrichment, puzzle toys to keep your dog happy, relieve stress, and challenge their mind.

+ Brain Games, Tips, Training, and Tricks, and Learning Challenges for improving confidence, social skills, mental focus, strength, ability to follow directions, and strengthen the bond between you and them.

+ Toys that offer multi-sensory, stimulating textures, scented, shapes, and sounds to help keep them occupied, entertained, and learn making them smarter.



Healthy Happy Mouth = Healthy Happy Dog Life

“Excellent oral health is maintained by daily oral hygiene.  Just a few minutes of daily care can yield tremendous long-term dividends in good animal health.”  - Veterinary Oral Health Council

Oral disease can eventually lead to tooth loss or other serious health problems.  80% of dogs begin to show signs of oral disease by age 3.

Each month the Dog Smile Box is curated for easy daily oral hygiene care.



+ Instantly and easily freshen breath and eliminate bad breath.

+ Have a whiter smile, keep teeth clean, maintain healthy gums, protect dog’s teeth and strengthen them by restoring enamel.

+ Help treat and prevent cavities, gingivitis, and kill germs.

+ Fight plaque, tartar build-up, tooth decay/loss, and gum disease.

+ Save money on dental bills.

+ Ultimately extend the life of your companion.


What's Inside

+ Water Additives, Fresh Breath Drops and Mints, Oral Care Gels and Sprays, Dental Wipes, Dental Kits, Toothbrushes, Finger Bushes, and Toothpaste specifically for Dogs.

+ Dental Chews and Treats made for brushing, easy to digest, and fortified with essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals like calcium to help support strong bones and teeth.

+ Great Tasting Treats (flavors like Chicken, Peanut Butter, Turkey, Beef, and Mint) made with real, simple wholesome, nutritious, and natural ingredients.

+ Safe, non-toxic Dental Toys that scrub, clean teeth, and massage gums.



Physical Health

Play provides physical exercise and improves overall physical health.  Benefits of Play:

+ Active play helps keep joints lubricated, keeps your dog's heart healthy, and improves their overall balance and coordination.

+ Active dogs are less likely to exhibit bad behavior problems.

+ Active play fights and reduces boredom.

+ Active dogs sleep better.

+ Deters destructive behavior like chewing furniture or excessive barking.

+ Play strengthens the bond with your dog spending quality time together and benefiting your health as well.


Active Play

Fetch, Chase, and Play at a whole new level when you join the Dog Smile Club.

Inside you will find:

+ Products to keep them physically engaged, to be more relaxed, reduce anxiety, and less stressed out.

+ Fitness, Bonding, and Exercise Games, Tips, Trainings, and Tricks.

+ Long lasting, sound engaging, stimulating, tug and toss Toys.

+ Items to keep your dog busy, happy, entertained, occupied, and satisfied.

+ Exciting, new, and fun toys & accessories to look good, smell good, and play more.


Epic Give

Dog Smile Boxes and a portion of profits are donated to organizations committed to helping people and dogs smile more.  We partner with organizations who spread the power of a SMILE and address basic oral health care needs.  Your purchase helps support therapy dogs and dogs in need at rescues/shelters.



Animal assisted therapy nonprofit Pet Partners

Pet Partners

Help spread the power of a dog smile!